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Welcome to Throne Investment Homes

Throne Investment Homes Limited (TIHL) is a viral real estate development and construction company driven with the highest passion to provide the best living Home experience for all living in Abuja metropolis and beyond. TIHL has been projected to war against homelessness among the people of Nigeria and Africa in general. This has been set to be achieved through the organization of competent professional engineers whose expertise are competent enough to guarantee our objective. TIHL is also a platform for investment. By this we mean that our clients can pay for land or house and allow it to appreciate. If the property appreciates to the extent of your satisfaction, then we can help you sale the property on a good profit margin. At TIHL , we believe real dreams are beyond wishes and imaginations and that is why we don’t build house, but we build homes.

House shortage has been a major problem in Africa. A large number of people have find it difficult to own a house of their own because of one deficiency or the other. TIHL has emerged to close the gap and put smile on the faces of people by putting up painless scheme that would give all clients access to own a house. Secondly, it is TIHL because we know and understand the value of investments and that is why we had put a team of expertise together to analyze and give you the best investment properties that will yield a better value in a short period of time.

Our history is basically on the notable and successful achievements we have made over the years in terms of customers satisfaction. It is not gain saying of the fact that Throne Homes has recorded success through customers satisfaction by providing adequate and acceptable services to her clients in the following area:
1. Selling of lands
2. Selling of houses
3. Issuance of Allocation paper to the clients
4. Issuance of offer paper to clients
5. Issuance of deed of partition.
At present, we have properties (lands and houses) for sale at Apo, ACO, Idu and Lugbe. All in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

To provide and deliver direct to our clients quality services that would enable them not just to have a house but homes. This will be made possible through trust and reliability.

To ensure that every serious average citizen of Nigeria and Africa who wishes to have a house gets one through organization of various payment scheme that would enable clients to purchase properties.

Legitimacy is the key to every successful business. At Throne Homes, we take it seriously when it comes to the authenticity of our properties, and that is why we will never advertise properties we don’t have. If you pay today, we will give you instant allocation and you can move to the site immediately and start building on your assigned plot.

All monetary activities can be tracked and viewed on the company’s app. You can also make a deposit or withdrawal at convenience.

We are very much reliable. Our reliability is based on our legitimacy and transparency. We make sure no stone is left unturn during and after transaction. All authentic documents entitled to client/s must all be delivered without sentiment.

At Throne Homes, we understand that all hands are not equal. We make plans that make your dreams come true by creating an installment payment scheme that gives everybody opportunity to own a property in Throne Homes by just depositing initial amount of fifty thousand (50,000) naira.

We believe real dream are beyond wishes and imagination and that is why at Throne Investment Homes Limited, we don’t build houses, we build homes.

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Architectural & 3D Drawing

We give a very good design , with this, you will be more familiar with actual construction at your finger tips

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With skill and experience, you will never regret leaving your properties for us.

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We are professional, all technical teams are available for you at your convinience. We supply you with first grade item.